Friday, May 27, 2016

Fair is fair

Just because I won't support Trump, or don't particularly like the man, doesn't mean I'll accept anything and everything said about him that cometh from the mouth of the media.  So I was watching CNN report on his battle with Elizabeth Warren, who is also someone I don't care for.  Anyway, they said that in addition to blasting Warren over her fabled Native American Ancestry kerfuffle, he made a swipe at Native Americans.  I watched the clip they showed, and nope, didn't see a single swipe at Native Americans.  Beyond his going after Warren, I heard nothing that even remotely sounded close to referencing Native Americans.

Just because he is guilty of a million things, doesn't mean I can toss one extra false accusation to make it worth while.  As a Christian, it would do me well to remember that if sin makes you stupid, politics can make you sin, especially if you're not careful.

That's not to say he didn't say something at some other point.  But the clip CNN showed contained nothing even close to what they accused him of saying.  And, of course, his digs at Warren are, in the minds of many, justified.  Just because you belong to the philosophy of power, doesn't mean you can make up your own reality.  If the media is going to go after Trump for his outlandish claims or his sexual dalliances, then the names Warren and Clinton ought also to occupy the media's framing of the narrative.

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