Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A look at the Transgender legislation

By former atheist turned Catholic Leah Libresco.  You read.  You decide.  I know I have my opinions on her piece.


  1. What kind of opinion? To me it just read as a straight up report of things. I have no more opinion of it than I do the weather report.

  2. That mostly. It is presented with all the spin of a weather report. Leah's sympathies for the LGBTQ community are well documented. And she's known to make her views clear, even if it is in the form of a brief disclaimer at the beginning of a story. What I'm left with here is the idea that I've more or less just read the weather or traffic report. Given her known viewpoints, the story could have been more akin to 'this isn't good', or 'this is even bad.' Since her conversion to Catholicism is known, and her status as a Catholic representative known, that was a chance missed. Since we all know that even sports stories can have an angle. Certainly a story about one of the defining issues of our time (freedom for traditional religious beliefs) could easily have contained at least a nod toward where things are, and where they need to be. Again, it isn't as if she's not done it in the past about other stories.

  3. Oh ok. I didn't know that much about her beyond the conversion story and the religious/atheist impersonation contest. Now I see what u mean.

    For comparison... well I doubt you know anything about this author so I'll let u read it blind then I'll fill stuff in as need be.


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