Thursday, May 19, 2016

Atheists against freedom

I say against freedom, because if you are against religious freedom, you are against freedom, at least as defined by liberalism.  You're saying that freedom only exists for the right kind of people who have the right kind of beliefs.  And that's fine.  Christians have long said that.  Knowing that, ultimately, we are all slaves to something, we've understood that freedom is not some open ended invitation to anything.

Against the Left's deceptions, however, many Christians have buckled and folded over the years, conceding that no nation has a right to define - anything.  True enlightenment means anyone can do or say anything, we all have to respect that, and any suggestion otherwise is in the same camp with the gas chambers and gulags.

Despite the fact that the same movement that told us such lies was, at the same time, launching protest after protest based on absolute moral standards that it demanded the nation accept and conform to, Christians continued to believe the lie.  And what a powerful lie it was. By bringing up endless images of sadistic inquisitors and witch trials and Nazi kangaroo courts, we were reminded to what fraternity we belonged if we dared say that our religion is right, or our morals are the ones that should define the nation.

So it is refreshing that, as the secular left gains power, it becomes more and more flagrant in its disregard for the universal freedoms and liberties it sometimes preached.  Like my boys noticed a while back, have you ever caught how little the terms 'liberty' and 'freedom' come up in modern punditry, especially on the Left?  Equality, diversity, and even fairness yes.  But not freedom and  liberty.  And that's because the secular Left is only finally admitting what we've all known all along, that a nation can't survive on 'no rules, just right.'

Now, since they are admitting it and becoming flagrant about it, will Christians (and other people of other faiths) wake up and stop the movement before it's too late?  Or have we been so duped for so long that the stupor is beyond our ability to overcome it, no matter how obvious it is and how much we acknowledge the danger for religious believers everywhere?  I don't know.  Time will tell.  But right now, I find it refreshing that atheists are attacking a public servant for posting an Easter message  on an official website, which Christians long conceded should never be done in an open and tolerant society.

Good to see.  When Tyranny finally shows itself, people can sometimes wake up.  That we are post-moderns who subscribe to the notion that we belong to nothing except our carefully handcrafted demographics, and it is no big deal if it happens to them over there, could be a problem.  The post-modern Golden Rule of 'Do unto others as long as you don't do unto me' has helped the forces of darkness for some time.  Another area where Christians let the world's forces change us.  Again, we'll see.  I'm not optimistic, but I'm not altogether pessimistic either.


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