Thursday, May 19, 2016

This could be a parody of an actual editorial

It's hard to say.  With the some forms of punditry, you never can tell.  Jesus as the first Transgender person sounds like a middle school attempt at wit.  Obviously, any good liberal isn't going to say Transgender started anywhere definitive.  So that's my first clue.  Yes, the Left will often hijack our Faith and use it against us.  The Devil does that.  Remember the film The Exorcist?  The demon will mix lies with truth to attack us.

The Left, and compliant Christians, will rush to the Bible to explain why gender has always been an abstract concept by which we measure our pain (St. John Lennon, 4:18),  So believers with common sense and at least an iota of faith in the Traditions passed down to us by previous generations should be wary.

I know, I'm assuming the editorial is a put-on.  Note I have to assume.  That's because of the scientific and academic communities' propensity for always discovering that science proves what the latest cultural trends embraced the the awesome hipster beautiful people want it to prove.  Because of that, blind appeals to science appear to be just that: blind.

In any event, since the whole Transgender Normality demands an almost epic level of dumb, expect epic dumb to accompany the demand to dismantle Christian society and common sense morality.  As I've said, only through mandated dumb can a nation proud of its heritage of liberty and freedom give away both so easily.

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