Thursday, May 5, 2016

Just when you thought it was safe to discount the Leftist Juggernaut

A new era opens up in which it becomes a potential "Hate" crime to suggest there is such a thing as two genders.  I'm still searching to see if there is more to the story, like the employee in question is really a serial killer or has a history of cavorting with the KKK or neo-Nazis.

Though note well: Already I have to assume there is something wicked and evil about this individual who has proclaimed boy and girl.  The individual must be guilty of ... something.  As a reflex, I start to question the website, the articles, John C. Wright, anyone involved.  It can't be something so outside the jackass stupid as this.  It can't be a person is being investigated by police or put on leave for suggesting in a conversation with students that human gender consists of boys and girls.

And then I watch the inquisitorial carpet bombing of North Carolina.  I watch as the Left gives high-fives and accolades to multi-billion dollar corporations who hold the state at gunpoint, threatening the jobs of endless thousands, doing millions of dollars worth of harm to the state and all who are in it, and as the Leftist government threatens retribution, simply because it was suggested that in our day and age, we should make sure boys use the boys bathroom.

When I do that, I realize that we have reached a new plateau of stupid, so stupid that a call for detention camps and spray painted shop windows for anyone who fails to bow before the liberal Sextopia are probably not too far into the future.  Well played liberalism, well played.  And kudos for the Jesuits for helping it along.

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