Friday, May 27, 2016

A case for Donald Trump

By John C. Wright.  I've made it pretty clear that I can't bring myself to vote for Trump.  Not just because of the way he acts and behaves, which I'm happy to say so many bloggers and Internet pundits have finally joined with me to say that such behavior is bad.  I'm also not convinced that Trump would do anything he says, or not turn around and embrace the Democrats if elected.  His constant denying what he just said or going back on statements made, not after he is elected but during the actual campaign, suggests there is no way of realistically knowing what Trump will or won't do as president.

Nonetheless, I can understand why there are some who support him.  Sure, there are racists who support him.  There are racists in the Democratic party who support candidates because of their racism.  It's just not a racism the media recognizes or wants to spend too much time unpacking.  There are others, however, like Mr. Wright, who are thoughtful, wise and perceptive who believe that as bad as Trump could be, he will not be worse than the force of darkness arrayed against Americans of traditional, Christian viewpoints and beliefs.

Basically, it's a decision to support Satan so that Hell can be defeated.  Not that Trump is Satan or the Liberal movement Hell, but you get the point.  Trump, as bad as he might be, won't be any worse than what the Secular Left has made clear it wants over the last half dozen years or so.  And its disgraceful whining over things like Trump's sexual dalliances, when it was the very movement that convinced us, in the 90s, that if it was about sex it was no big deal, just goes to show the moral vacuum that we are confronted with when resisting the Secular Left.

So read it for what it's worth.  Again, I can't bring myself to vote for Trump.  I just can't.  And I'm sure some who support Trump do so for the worst reasons, as I'm sure there will always be supporters of any public figure who do so for the worst reasons.  I can sympathize, however,  with those who realize that there is a war, a soft war, a new cold war, a revolution for the heart and soul, the liberty and freedom, of our nation.  And they see that the only way to keep the end of America from happening is to keep power out of the hands of the main proponents of this revolution as long as possible.  Maybe even long enough for Americans to wake up and resist before it's too late.

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