Friday, May 27, 2016

Another take on Hiroshima

I agree, Japan should apologize to us and everyone else,
including Japanese victims of the war
Courtesy of Donald McClarey over at The American Catholic.  The entire piece is worth the read, but the list of 'regrets' that it might be nice to see coming from our national leaders is the point.  As I've already written about here and here, I can see both sides, and as a Christian, I tend to err on the side of wishing the bombs hadn't been dropped.  With that said, any apologies must be withheld until Japan comes full circle, truly apologizes for its deliberate and aggressive evils that were perpetrated from the top down, often with overwhelming public support, and concedes that the war, which began in 1931, was its fault.  Then, perhaps, we can sift through the other parts that made up the overwhelming human catastrophe that was WWII.

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