Monday, May 23, 2016

Unpacking the dumb

John C. Wright continues his broadside against the unprecedented dumb being hammer into our brains by our education systems, our media, and with the help of President Obama, our federal government.  It's almost so stupid, I think we were caught off guard.  And yet, it's not just stupid, but it's set to become the law of the land.  And unless you bow and accept stupid, proclaim stupid, and are prepared to join in persecuting any others who challenge stupid, you could wind up the target of life destroying lawsuits and vocational termination.  It's a dire time, and one that reminds you ever empire, no matter how grand, must die eventually.


  1. First time reader here. Your font is fuzzy on my tablet! No issues with other sites. Just a heads up. Also, I don't do captchas - twice.

  2. Thanks for the input Ron, I'll look into it.


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