Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Well done Pat McCrory!

Someone get in there and help that man.  The entire state of North Carolina is under siege, and has been for weeks, due to its insistence that boys use the boys bathroom.  I know, that sounds like something out of a strange mixture of Twilight Zone and SNL, but it's true.  It's also true that billion dollar corporations are taking actions to deliberately harm the well being of North Carolina's citizens, while Obama has instructed the Federal Government to unleash its powers to hinder and harm all within the state, including the children who could suffer from withholding educational spending.  All, again, because North Carolina has broken with the Left and insisted that gender actually exists.

In his rebuttal, Governor McCory has pointed out a pesky detail.  As of this writing, Transgender is not a protected class.  That is, there are no laws saying that a Transgender person should have whatever they want, and any rights or liberties that prevent that are to be rescinded.  I'm sure it will get there.  But it's not there now.  So it was a bit of a splash of cold water on our faces to think that the president of these here United States would help wage war against Americans over a group not clearly defined to the tune of compromising constitutional rights like those of speech and religion.

Remember what I've said.  You don't have to wait until evil becomes the law and there are concentration camps for all who stand in its way.  If you wait until then, you've waited too long.  And if we Americans wait much longer, just what white knight nation will ride in and rescue us?  What other nation will have a dead soldier in the street with humbled Americans putting flowers next to his body in thanks for rescuing us?

We're the rescuers.  Or at least we have been. So while it pleases our corporate structure that desires a hedonistic, greedy and selfish citizenry to help bring down the hammer of intolerance and judgement on the rights of non-liberals everywhere, and of course the other instruments of the Left are more than happy to comply, this could be a wake up call for those Americans who still think traditional freedoms and rights are the ones we should support, not just the right to be worshiped and accommodated because of what someone thinks his or her gender should have been.

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