Thursday, May 5, 2016

What liberals see in Pope Francis

Is explained in a piece over at The New Yorker.  Using the time honored liberal tactic of assuming that failure to be liberal means you are ignorant, hateful and bigoted, The New Yorker unpacks just what it sees Pope Francis doing to the Church.

Again, like I've reflected on before, a growing number of liberals don't think Pope Francis will just stand on the mount, gather all the scrolls and fragments of Church teaching that violate the liberal gospel, and cast them into the fires.  Instead, they're betting that he will reform the Church in such a way that he, and future popes, will not have to change anything.  That the reforms he is undertaking will make Catholicism entirely compatible with Leftist doctrines and morality, without changing a jot or tittle in the actual books.

Whether that is the Pope's intention or not remains to be seen.  It's almost impossible not to believe that Pope Francis is sympathetic to a somewhat liberal world view, and certainly informed by the Marxist inspired liberation theologies of Latin America.  What that will do to the Church one way or another we'll just have to wait and see.

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