Thursday, May 19, 2016

An opinion about the Obama pro-Transgender crusade

Is here.  I don't vouch for it personally,  nor do I know about the facts cited.  That might seem a bit cowardly.  If I don't vouch or confirm, why post it?  Because it is a voice representing a point of view that has become maligned overnight.  With no public debate, no scientific consensus, no legal definitions, the Obama White House has used the power of the Federal Government to legislate morality by threat of retribution.  And those who are bothered, including women and young girls?  Variations on 'shut up and deal with it you bigots!'  Whenever something like this happens in a society, it's worth paying attention to.  And if you have to appeal to some serious table pounding and even a few choice words, then that is what needs done.  A few more leaps forward like this, and the First Amendment and our traditional concept of liberty and freedom won't be worth a roll of used toilet paper.   At least not for those who don't embrace the modern secular way.


  1. What struck me was the story of Larry King.

    “a troubled child who flaunted his sexuality and wielded it like a weapon.”

    There's a lot there in that statement. Seems the victimhood complex gives some people the ability to weaponize their pride. This won't end well.

  2. I have a feeling there are entire lists of such stories that we never hear about because they don't fit the agendas.


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