Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The media continues to worship at the church of Scientism

I saw this article, that famed physicist Stephen Hawking is baffled by Donald Trump's popularity.  The first thing that came to my mind?  What do I care if Mr. Hawking is baffled by Trump,'s popularity?  Any more than, say, a plummer or a delivery truck driver.

I know. The media's popular take is that if you are a smart scientist, not only does that mean you are a bona fide expert in every field of science (see Bill Nye), but your are an ex officio expert on everything!   Silly of course. I'm not saying that there aren't scientists out there who have broadened their minds and become informed in many areas of life.  One of Einstein's selling points was that he got physics, but he also seemed to 'get' other areas of life as well.

Mr. Hawking, on the other hand, has time and again demonstrated that when it comes to other subjects, he makes an awesome physicist.  His take on history makes me think he gets most of his information from the modern History Channel.  His takes on philosophy and theology are about akin to John Lennon's level of discourse.

For the media, however, he is a scientist.  That means expert on anything and everything.  So when we hear that he is baffled by Trump's popularity (which most people who don't like Trump seem to at laest understand why he is popular), the media slaps its head, drops its jaws, and imagines we must really have a puzzle that needs solved.

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