Saturday, May 14, 2016

Stop the Emerging Tyranny

I realize that for many, being tolerant of gay marriage or gay sex or transgender this or that means since we've not judged others regarding sex, nobody can judge us regarding how we want to satisfy ourselves.  One of the biggest selling points of the age of debauchery is the willingness so many have of selling our souls to the dark side so we can feel justified when we indulge in our own little corner of the drugs and sexosphere.  That's called selling your birthright for a bowl of stew, BTW.

Admit it, that's why a lot of folks accept these things.  That and for the moral superiority it provides.  Remember, we used to be told there was no such thing as a moral absolute, and only the most horrible, evil people try to hoist their values on others.  Not wanting to be in the same camp as Hitler and Pol Pot and Baptists, folks were willing to take the post-war European approach of 'eh, whatever.' Though with liberals comfortable declaring liberalism the only true gospel, its morals the only acceptable morals, those who fail to conform unworthy of rights or liberty, and almost joyfully calling upon the power of the government to exact punishment on all who rebel, I find it hard to believe someone could be moving on with this because of any idea of 'moral relativity' or 'tolerance.'

Of course part of the acceptance of post-gender humanity is due to that old saying that tolerance is best achieved at gun point.   With many companies threatening to fire people who don't conform, retribution and lawsuits and even imprisonment for those who don't conform, it's not hard to see why your average Jane or Joe on the street figures it's better to just shrug the shoulders, say whatever, and go back to one of his or her multiple jobs in order to afford the next smartphone upgrade.

It's intimidation, threat and a population that still can't believe it can happen to us.  We're Americans after all.  Land of the free.  Home of the brave.  We have ... well, not much.  Most of our history has been eviscerated by political correctness and even adults on the Catholic Blogopshere trounced on me when I said the difference between Hogan's Heroes and MASH was that at least Hogan's Heroes remembered the difference between the good guys and bad guys.  What do you mean!, I was asked.  Who're the bad guys but us?  So with not much heritage left to celebrate, we nonetheless remain convinced that our Americanness will protect us from the spiral into tyranny and despotism that has ruined so many nations since the Enlightenment.   Yet we cling to this based on the idea that these principles came from a society that only deserves to be condemned for its racist, evil past and nothing more.   Well played liberalism.

We'll see if we wake up in time or not.  With the media, educational institutions and popular culture all behind the rise of the fourth reich, it's hard getting the message out.  Almost immediately, you're labeled a bigot, an extremist, a hate monger, an idiot, or any one of a thousand things that are just code for 'our Bill of Rights don't serve your kind.'

So kudos to those who remind us that for all the problems and failings of the GOP, right now it is one of the last bastions of liberty and freedom left in our nation, at least insofar as it is doing anything to preserve them.  There are others to be sure.  And the GOP has played its own part in the mess we're in.  But at least they are offering some level of resistance, rather than zealously and enthusiastically plunging forth into a nation where with all things sex and drugs and terminating life to further those pursuits, everything is free* and equality.  In all other aspects of life, however, it's the power of the State and the self-appointed elite who alone should control our lives.

*BTW, this was noticed in our home discussion last night, and bonus points if you've noticed it, too.  Have you picked up on how seldom, in our political discourse and punditry, the terms 'liberty' and 'freedom' are used?   'Diversity' and 'equality' are used out the wing-wang.  But liberty and freedom?  Not so much.  When I thought about it, I had to admit that's true.  Just like 'tolerance', a word that was used a million times a day if it was used once when I was growing up, is so seldom used anymore.  Something in me thinks that's no coincidence.  After all, diversity and equality mean basically conformity to liberalism at this point.  But freedom and liberty are a little broader, and tougher to manipulate so easily.


  1. Your comment section format is fine, I just think most people are shy and don't want to be the only one commenting.
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    I linked here from Bigpulpit, I do not have Facebook.

  2. Well thank you! Hopefully you'll start a trend. Welcome and thanks for reading. :)

  3. I see your diversity, equality, and tolerance and raise you "fairness".


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