Friday, May 20, 2016

There is a John Lennon Airport?

I didn't know that.  I wonder what Paul must think.  Or Ringo or the family of George Harrison for that matter.  Ah, but John was the prophet of the Boomer generation, and they're still calling the shots.  He gave them their mantra, their holy hymn.  He taught them that there is nothing to believe in but me, Yoko and me, that's reality.  That school and education was a bore.  And of course, that Jesus was OK, but his disciples were thick and ordinary, it's them twisting it that ruins it for us.

The most important thing he did, however, beyond proclaiming a world where there is nothing worth killing or dying for (that is, nothing more important than me), he pioneered the John Lennon Principle, which is an essential element of the emergent Left today.

So I guess, in hindsight, it's a good thing that they named an airport after him.  After all, if it was someone else, I might have to believe in Zimmerman after all.

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