Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The hypocrisy of the Left

Is sometimes almost suffocating.  So Donald Trump used a 'vulgar' term to describe the trouncing Hillary received.  Now, I can't abide Trump.  He is everything I have long feared.  Since college, I said my fear was that some radical right  wing movement would sweep into our nation and absolutely obliterate it.  How would this happen?  It would be in reaction to the no less equally radical left wing movement that would seek to pervert all sense of reality and common morality on its own path for power and control.  As the left - which seems to be forevermore wrong about its ideas and solutions - compounded failure with a crumbling society, the right wing movement would swing in to save the day.  And voila!  

Not that this actual case with Trump is the one.  I fear that will be down the road.  But it does show that if you push people past the brink, they will react equally bad.  

With that said, we see yet another example of why the movement sometimes termed 'liberalism' is almost unbearable.  People are upset that Trump used this particular term to describe Hillary's defeat.  The left.  Liberals.  You know, the ones who have fought to include the F-Bomb in polite conservation, and every vulgarity in the book into our national dialogue?  The same left that has used Comedy Central, HBO, and comedic roasts to promote jabs at Republicans no matter how vulgar they were?  

This would be the same Left that promotes more sex, more drugs, more sex and drugs, and more bathroom humor and dialogue?  And suddenly, the Left with Hillary in charge is offended?  So in the classic example of hypocrisy, they don't mind the vulgarity, they just don't want their presidential candidates to use it?  Since when?  Heck, remember the aforementioned scandal of Bill and the wonderful conversations that happened then and the call to finally ditch our puritan ways and embrace the racy and randy? 

And Hillary no less.  Hillary who was Bill Clinton's attack dog.  Hillary and Bill who used the Ragin' Cajun and the tone he set in 1992 that even shocked liberals; statements and attacks that leftist pundits pulled at their collars and admitted there were at times a definite lack of respect being shown for President Bush.  And yet, it was shrugged off with a wink and a nod. 

If it was any other political or social movement, I would be behind them 100% in denouncing yet another Trump original.  But as it is, given the source and the track record, I just can't choke down enough hypocrisy and double standard to do so.  

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