Sunday, December 27, 2015

The War on Christmas

From Jonah Goldberg's point of view.  Of course there is an assault on the Christian traditional values and world view.  Duh.  Those who like to strut about like peacocks and declare the whole 'culture wars' a figment of the Right's imagination are either delusional, or simply those who can see the victors in this war and are trying to suck up to them.  But Goldberg does it right, in a Goldbergish sort of way.  I might disagree with him on things, but I can appreciate when someone nails something like he does.  Fight for all the rights and liberties that the Progressive movement wants to crush.  But make sure we don't lose the better part of what Christmas should be.  Not only as a good witness, but simply because, as the song says, we need a little Christmas.

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