Sunday, December 20, 2015

Do not try to convert Jews

In yet another move that, according to the Reuters article, shows the Church is taking a more open and compassionate stance on issues such as inter-religious dialogue, gay rights and divorce and remarriage, the Vatican has but the kibosh on actively seeking to proselytize, or convert, Jewish people.  That shouldn't' be a shock.  Pope Francis has already sided with the multi-Cultural left in seeing proselytizing as an anathema.  That is a message that the Left has been proselytizing Christians with for decades. 

Exactly what this means, as in all things Catholic, will be open to tremendous amounts of debate.  Since most Catholics, at least in the US, are to the left of center, they will no doubt see this as yet more proof that Catholicism is our meat, Judaism theirs, Islam some others, Buddhism, Atheism, it doesn't matter.  We all go to heaven anyway. 

Others will try to explain that this is really what the super-duper double secret probation version of what the Church has always taught.  Others will embrace the spirit of post-modernity and just say it's another step toward a better universe away from those losers who lived yesterday and before. 

Orthodox Catholics, who were raised to believe that there is no version of Truth, and while God is certainly merciful and salvation up to God, it remains that there is ultimately only one full Truth revealed by God and apart from that is too dangerous to miss, will be left scratching their heads.  Or perhaps even daring to say they think the leadership of the Church - as it has been in previous ages - might be wrong.  

We'll see.  Further unpacking and explaining will happen.  I'm not ready to rush too quickly into judgement.  If it were a single event, I certainly wouldn't think twice of it.  But in the context of so many other decisions and proclamations that appear to echo the sensitivities of multi-cultural liberalism rather than historic Christianity, I'm not confident.  It might be that the Church is joining a growing number of Judeo-Christian traditions in crumbling before the onslaught of the post-Christian Left.  But again, we'll see. 

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