Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hell is being forced to forever apologize for every sin

Without receiving any in return.  Yes, it's news that the new PM of Canada is going to insist that Pope Francis formally apologize for the evils of the Catholic Church.  Since heaven is irrelevant and all religion just a bunch of BS fairy tales, there is nothing in the universe that the Faith has to offer that is even close to being on the 'pros' side of the scale.  As a result, the evils and sins are the only things measurable.

Likewise, since the MCPC Left has convinced itself that every non-Western culture was a bastion of women's rights, gay rights, tolerance, diversity and equality, there is nothing that the West has to commend itself for.  As a result, the sins are the only thing that matter, and there is nothing positive that it can be said to have offered to offset the evils of its past.

Of course, the evils done to the West by Muslims, Vikings, Magyars, Mongols, as well as inhabitants of the lands where settlers and immigrants attempted to build a new world will never, ever be apologized for.  After all, there aren't a few people who reason that the European Christian world alone was capable of evil, and therefore it, and its posterity, will ever and always merely get what they all have coming.

So don't expect Orthodox Christians to demand Muslims apologize to them for having destroyed their civilization and subjected them to hundreds of years of second class living.  Don't even hold your breath.  This is not about apologizing.  It is about eradicating the Christian faith, its heritage, and its Truths from the planet.  Apologize and repent?  Sure.  Why not.  Apologizing for dead people is easy.  And on behalf of the faith, it's fine.  But bring with it a demand that others pay back their own apologies to see if we're really being serious about the whole need for apologies thing.

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