Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hate attacks on Muslims on the rise

This is not good.  However, think on this.  According to this article, there have been 38 anti-Muslim attacks in the US since the Paris attacks.  That's over a month in the third most populated nation on the planet.  How many have been killed?  From what I can tell, none.  Over 300 million Americans, and yet not a Muslim or Arab killed.  Which is good!  I'm glad, and those 38 attacks should be immediately and roundly condemned.  There is no excuse or pardon for it.

And yet, you can't help but get the feeling that this is a terrible disappointment for the Left, the Media, and for Democrats who live off of the anti-Americanism of the Left.  Just like I wrote here some time ago, Americans were supposed to be running amok, butchering and slaughtering Muslims by the truck load, blowing up Mosques, rounding up Arabs and sending them off into hidden death camps in the Nevada deserts.  It was supposed to be carnage of an unthinkable level.

In our neck of the woods, the only religious leader murdered in the last 15 years that I am aware of was a Catholic priest.  There was a rash of church burnings a couple years ago.  The Catholic parish in the town I grew up in was one of the churches burned.  It wasn't based on ethnicity or burnings of Mosques or Synagogues, so if you're not from around here, you likely didn't hear about it.

Still, when interviewed, Muslim leaders in our area speak as if every day is a hit list of murdered and terrorized Muslims.  Every day across our country, millions are rushing around threatening, attacking, killing, torturing Muslims, Arabs, and anyone else who is swarthy or dark skinned.

I'm glad they are wrong.  I'm glad their fears seem to be overreactions.  I'm saddened that it has happened even the 38 times.  I wish it didn't happen at all.  But we are 300 million people.  I just fear that all of the attention the press gives will keep the fires stoked until someone either does react and finally hurt someone who is Muslim (or worse), or just as likely, encourage ISIS terrorists or others sympathetic to Islam to go on the seemingly justified attack.  And then, I wonder if the media will analyse its role in the events?


  1. What you describe here relates to the technique essential to all Totalitarian movements, which Islamism most certainly is; its most virulent and vile manifestation.

    The technique was described well by Orwell and put into practice by Saul Alinsky and his acolytes. It is to control reality by advancing word storms, disconnected from objective truth, so that the horrifying reality is replaced by a tolerable lie. What the masses should see clearly as facts are obscured by the fog of constant lying and twisting and the very air we breath filled with obfuscation and mis-direction.

    The idea is to eliminate reason and thought so that a chosen reality can be imposed upon what is real and true.

    The remedy? Scorn. Laughter. Ridicule. Raising the big ol' BS flag and immediately changing the subject back to what is real. Do not spend a moment in their Rabbit Hole with them. Laugh them to scorn and give them the back of your hand, change the subject and insist over and over and over upon the Truth. Never let up.

  2. Scorn and ridicule perhaps. But when an entire society is not only believing, but increasingly being forced to embrace lies and evils associated with the lies, it is never a good thing.


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