Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bill Cosby

I don't know.  What can I say?  I don't know the facts.  But this I do know.  I didn't hear about the accusations until after Cosby first outraged Civil Rights and Liberal Activists by suggesting - horror of horrors - that not all of the plight of the African American can be blamed on White Racism.  That was quite the scandal in the day.  And it was around that time that I first heard these accusations.  Over the subsequent years, he caused more scandals by digging his heals in and, while not letting racism off the hook, insisting that Black Americans are obliged and responsible for doing their best to make their own paths in life.

Does that mean I'm saying this is all part of some evil, Left Wing hit job to disgrace a once beloved icon who fell from the purer faith?  No.  I'm merely saying that I don't remember hearing about the accusations until he already created a firestorm by questioning the established Narrative regarding Civil Rights.  That's all.  Perhaps it was a huge story before that and I simply missed it.  Maybe it broke when I was doing something like getting married and my attention was elsewhere.  I just know that I first remember the accusations after the Narrative scandal.

So, those are my options.  These accusations were all over and I missed it until after he challenged the dominant narrative.  The accusations only came to light, or at least were only mentioned by the media, after the challenge to the narrative.  Or, there is always the chance that the accusations were known by the media, but because of his celebrated status before he challenged the narrative, they were not pursued.  One of those has to be the case.  Of course it doesn't mean guilt or innocence either way.  He could be guilty as sin.  Or he could be the victim of a brutal smear campaign (remember how the multiple women who accused Bill Clinton were all part of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (TM)?  There was clearly a concerted effort by Conservatives to do what all parties do, and that's harm the reputation of the other guy, but he was also guilty in at least one case).  So there you go.  All I know and all I've noticed.  And all I have to say about it.


  1. until after Cosby first outraged Civil Rights and Liberal Activists

    Someone else pointed that out and it's why I'm going to need a LOT more convincing before I mentally convict him. (Well, was he probably guilty of some immoral behavior? Probably, we are talking Hollywood where temptation is taken to 11. But illegal?) The timing on all this is just way too "perfect" and a way to isolate him from the conservatives that would otherwise ally with him (since now doing so would make them appear to be defending rape).

    The Left is so very, VERY good at rigging the game. We on the right need to start getting craftier when dealing with them.

  2. That's my thinking. That he wasn't actually the godlike father of television and sinned in different ways is possible. But the timing of these accusations just gives me pause. He could be guilty of course. But I'm certainly not ready for the verbal lynching he is receiving from those who don't just seem to believe he is guilty, but act as though they want him to be guilty.


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