Monday, December 21, 2015

It is always the fault of someone else

In the world of Obama.  True, he actually came out and admitted that perhaps they fumbled the anti-ISIS strategy (file under Water is Wet revelation).  That is something.  But then he turns around and, once again, blames [fill in the blank with anyone who can be blamed].  In this case, the blank is filled in with 'the media.'  Expect the media to not help with that spin.

I repeat what my sons said about Donald Trump.  Why would anyone support Trump despite some of the horrible things he says?  Because a person who says horrible things based on reality can perhaps be reasoned with or changed - even Trump.  But  a person who bases their warm and fuzzy words on unreality, falsehood, lies, and untruths is not really reachable.  At least not as easily.  There is truth to that.  And as we continue watching our Blamer-in-Chief deny the bloody obvious, it's easy to see that vacuum that has been created into which the Don has poured his rhetoric and bile.

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