Sunday, December 6, 2015

Obama tells us we are safe

On Thursday night.  That junior varsity team can't do anything to us!  Again, this level of willful ignorance and denial of the clear and obvious truth helps people like Trump.  At least Trump's horrible, hateful rhetoric is based on something real.

On CNN, they speculated that Obama just doesn't want it to be true.  Which wouldn't surprise me.  If this was three decades ago, Obama would be being chased out of office by the media.  Just like the media at the time chased Carter, even though they were clearly sympathetic to the Democrats by then.

But unlike Clinton, who could ignore problems in the world and at home and count on the momentum of the 80s and the immediate post-Cold War world to keep such things as a fragile debt driven economy and the growing threat of Al Qaeda in small corner until he was out of office, Obama has no such benefit.  These problems are here, and they are his, and we know it. And yet his willingness to deny the obvious, even at the peril of Americans, is driving most thinking Americans to frustration, and some even into the arms of the likes of Trump.

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