Wednesday, December 23, 2015

An interesting article on Secularism

Found this and it was an interesting read. The trick to anything dealing with religion is that it is all a belief.  Including the completely not provable by science belief that there is no supernatural or divine.  Those are beliefs, too.  Some more crazy atheists like Bill Maher will sometimes unintentionally assert this when the try to excuse evils done by atheists or in the name of secularism as those rascally atheists treating their atheism like religion.  Since few people treat gravity or Newton's laws of thermodynamics as religions,  I'm inclined to think there is something about the belief or non-belief in supernatural or divine ideas that separates it from the realm of physics and chemistry and calculus.


  1. This is basically what triggered my way back to Catholicism. All people have a philosophy, belief system, set of values or a world view. People believe things that they can’t prove, at least not empirically or via a scientific method. Yet, we can and should still explore how reasonable the base premises are for particular ways of thinking and how well they stand up when pressed under questioning. I found the Catholic view to hold up when pressed. Other views, like atheism and bible alone Christianity did not.
    Have a blessed Christmas!

  2. I was similar. I had an experience in college that I realized could have been, from one POV, a coincidence, from another POV, an act of God. There was simply nothing to prove one way or another. The event, and it was a telling event, was based upon what I already believed in the first place. Looking for "proof" was, therefore, the wrong way to go, since I would only be able to interpret such proof only on what I already believed.

  3. Forgot to mention. I'm writing a book that address this topic. We'll see if I can get someone to publish it. More here:

  4. I hope so! I'll be watching for it.


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