Tuesday, December 29, 2015

As if to illustrate the point

Of the always respectable Salon.com and the Left's hatred and disgust with the Christian Gospel, we have a spirited defense for a comedian who jumps into the circling masses and dribbles her own mental urine onto the bonfire of their vanities.  Again, remember the Left hates religion in general, but its wrath and desire to exterminate is first aimed at the Christian Faith.  Which shouldn't be surprising.  I think it was Jesus who said that we would be hated for His Name's sake.  My only puzzlement is why so many in the Christian Faith think there is some common ground there, or that by taking the Left's approach to the world as much as possible, suddenly there will be hand holding and songs of peace and love between the two.  Strange.  I guess that's what happens when Christians realize they have lost a temporal battle in the material world.  Some dig in.  Some trudge on.  Others go for the compromise.  For that last group, my advice is don't hold your breath, and don't compromise too much, since I doubt anything less than full eradication will please the Left, if even that would.

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