Saturday, December 12, 2015

Speaking of Global Climate Change

And in other news, reasons for my skepticism continue to be uncovered.  Not that I disagree with climate change, or even the idea that industrialization has had a detrimental impact on the environment.  But I'm sorry, when it comes to the hysteria and the calls for strict obedience under penalty of name calling and potential censorship, my 'smell a rat' radar begins spinning.

Fact is, I have no clue what will happen if the climate keeps changing.  Each time there is a record, they rush around saying it's the end of the world.  Even if the records may be old news if seen on any given day in the previous million years or so.  This time we're told it's the end of the world.  Like my boys asked, why is it we're so sure the earth warming has to be bad?  After all, we've always been told that the world warming up was good for crops and increasing agriculture in the past.  So why do we insist it is the doom of the age now?

For that matter, why is everything in the scientific world about how we're about to die?   And only by billions of dollars of grant money can humanity be saved!  I don't know.  But when I see stories like this, I'm reminded of my weakest part in all this.

I'm no scientist. So I have to take the 'science' at face value.  And yet the ones delivering it have come across, to me at least, as the car salesman trying to convince me that an oil spill the size of a wading pool under a car he's trying to sell me is supposed to be there.  And that's the problem.  It's no less a problem when folks like Pope Francis seems to embrace the idea of Immaculate Scientists versus the Vast Oil Industry Conspiracy.  All of that simply causes me to be more skeptical, not less.

For I have no idea how the future will be if the climate continues on its current course.  But I do know in history what happens when people are told that the True Ones have spoken, now shut up and obey!  The track record there is far worse than most things your most ardent MMCW advocate can possibly imagine.  

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