Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas fun at the Columbus Zoo

When I was growing up, the Columbus Zoo rivaled the sort of animals display one might find in a traveling circus set up in a shopping mall parking lot.  But then Jungle Jack Hanna came on board, and everything changed.  While doing everything imaginable to promote the zoo, including suffering unending barbs and jests at the hands of David Letterman, Mr. Hanna transformed the Zoo into one of the premier animal research centers in the world.  In the world!  Well done Jungle Jack!

Some years ago, the Zoo began putting up Christmas lights here and there, and allowing people to come in after hours to meander about and admire the displays.  Now it is a full blown annual event.  We usually wait until after Christmas to go, since that is when we first went, plus it gives us something to look forward to during Christmastide.  This year we took the boys and got to do everything in a night just cool enough for Christmas, but not so frigid as to be miserable.

The fun and festivities Jack Hanna style

Our youngest gazes in wonder at the aquarium's residents

The boys ready for a night with the zoo criters

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