Friday, December 4, 2015

When mass shootings do not benefit the Left

What we know: 
  1. The shooters were Muslims
  2. The man visited Saudi Arabia
  3. The man didn't have a criminal record
  4. The man doesn't appear to have had a mental health record
  5. The couple had stockpiled a massive arsenal including explosives
That's all.  Which has sent Liberal America into a frenzy. Why?  Because if the above are true, there is nothing apart from profiling Muslims that would have stopped this, at least based on proposals by gun control advocates.  So the gun control debate, unless you want to ban guns or profile Muslims, is off the table.  It doesn't pertain.  

The world according to common sense

The world according to liberalism 
Of course, it looks like terrorism.  But since 9/11, we've learned that terrorism is tough to pin in America.  When Muslims attacked Paris it was terrorism.  It was also thoughts and prayers.  But here, where Liberalism is fighting on  the front lines of global domination, there can be no such niceties or common sense appraisals.  

Now, I'm no soothsayer or prophet.  But here's a guess.  The liberal advocates will do any or all of the following in the days to come:

  • Focus on gun control
  • Focus on Islamaphobia
  • Focus on parsing terrorism. Remember when any terrorism that wasn't Al Qaeda wasn't considered a big deal and we couldn't focus on that since it wasn't connected to 9/11?  Expect the same now with Isis.  
  • Focus on the fact that the shooters were not Syrian refugees
  • Appeal to rambling interviews in which we ask things like 'does it even matter why it happened?' (as opposed to things like the Charleston shooting or the Tuscon shooting), or just rambled about saying incoherent things about stuff and things
  • And in all things, blame conservatives.  
  • But if it can't be used to advance the gospel of the Left, expect the whole story to be gone within a week or so.  If it lasts that long.
That's just a hunch,. 

BTW, it's two days and counting over at CAEI.  No prayer post or request for prayers.  No mention.  Nothing.  I can't begin to fathom why.  Perhaps he just wants to focus on the positives of what the Faith teaches.  I just hope the first post addressing it isn't about the evils of the NRA, conservatives, gun nuts, or racist America.  In short, I hope conservative blogger Mark doesn't once again echo with almost stunning efficiency the biases and perspectives of the worst elements of the Left. 


  1. No prayer requests, just this:

    See what happens when you let Rosie O Donnell get a sex change, she becomes Mark Shea.

  2. Sadly, I'm starting to wonder if Rosie would be any less cogent than Mark has become. This 'thought experiment', which is really just a set up to prove Mark's belief that conservatives are a wicked lot, reminds me of his great argument about how America is like Saudi Arabia and N. Korea because of the death penalty. Even his readers who oppose the death penalty say it's a bunk argument. And yet, he continues. I'm not sure how long Rosie continued insisting that fire could never melt steel. Mark, however, continues right along.


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