Thursday, December 10, 2015

How some liberals see Pope Francis

Is best shown in this article by Esquire.  Note the final paragraph.  They know the wicked hearts and souls of those Catholics opposing Francis.  And note, the Cardinals (that would be those who voted for Francis) are against him, too.  Why?  Because they don't care about the Gospel. Or Jesus.  Or Children.  Or sunsets.  Or anything.  They love the Church because it is the evil, wicked institution that liberals have always said it is.

But now Francis is here to save the world!  He's ready to change the Church and make it conform to the true saving gospel of Liberalism.  This is the strength of liberalism. It is a religion.  And it judges brutally and mercilessly those who don't conform.  And yet, nobody recognize it as such.  And those who conform to the faith of liberalism see Francis - rightly or wrongly - as one of theirs.  He may not change the teachings of the Church.  But he will make it so that the sins of liberalism are no longer an issue.

The sins of those who fail to conform to liberalism?  That is what Francis has launched his crusade against.  And while Esquire knows that those conservatives have no interest in a year of mercy (again, knowing and judging the wicked and evil hearts of those who haven't converted to the Liberal faith), one wonders where Capitalists, Fundamentalists and Traditionalists will figure into the Year of Mercy as Pope Francis lives it out.  Who knows?  He may embrace them with love and mercy as well.  But it is something I wonder.

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