Sunday, December 27, 2015

There are never problems with sex

To hear our modern establishments tell it.  Really.  When was the last time you heard the media do a series on 'where sex can cause bad things'?  They don't.  That's because sex and drugs, hedonism and narcissism, are the meat and circuses of our age.  How many youngsters, or anyone for that matter, would embrace the secular Left and all its controls, intolerance, oppression and arrogance if it weren't for the promise of getting high and getting laid?

Not that problems don't exist.  AIDS continues to be the most preventable pandemic in history, still infecting thousands and with a global body count that surpasses the Holocaust.  But it's not just AIDS.  Every now and then I notice, buried deep down or whispered at the end of the weather reports, a story that suggests other STDs are on the rise.  In this one, Gonorrhea might not just be developing  a super strain, but notice it is connected with rising rates.  That's right.  Rising rates.

Now we all know that if everyone wore condoms, all problems would end and all would be well.  After all, condoms are natural and it's what animals do, correct?  That was always the sex revolution's biggest Ace to play.  Sex is natural, it should be so for people.  Remember that?  It's a lie, by the way. Not for the least reason than because, on the whole, most guys - all things being equal - would rather not wear a condom than wear one. No matter how many Hollywood productions try to make it seem emotionally profound and romantic to wear one.

Like so many things with the post-Christian modern way, it's lies and falsehoods, half truths and idiocy wrapped in a blanket of blind debauchery.  And all the time, more and more people are needlessly suffering, and even dying.  Kudos to the BBC for even carrying the story.

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