Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Samuel Jackson says the dumb thing

There's an age old tradition in America that conservatives are idiots and liberals are intellectual geniuses.  That works as long as you keep your head in the sand and for the love of heaven and earth, you don't read the news.  Especially celebrity news.  If you did, then you'd start to put the number of dumb things said by celebrities, most of whom tack left of center, and you might start wondering how accurate the stereotype is.

In today's little burst of reality, Samuel Jackson opines and manages to do several things at once.  He reiterates the racism of the Left, that tendency to immediately judge everything and everyone by the color of their skin.  He demonstrates a deplorable lack of understanding of the complexities of the world events he comments on, taking at face value the Left's interpretation of the events in the Middle East.  And he tries desperately to explain why saying nigger is awesome and evil at the same time, depending on the skin color or the ideologies of those using it.

It's a strange, strange world.  We've been conditioned, almost threatened, into accepting that adherents of one particular socio-political ideology are by definition intellectually and morally superior.  Doesn't matter what they say, the lunacy behind it, the accuracy of it, It matters not.  How else do you explain the Left's respect and admiration for Joe Biden, who has said more stupid things in a month than Dan Quayle said during the entire Bush administration?

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