Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My advice to Ted Cruz

If you don't want your daughters in political cartoons, then don't have them in your ads.  True, even if he does have them (which isn't the first time a politician has family in their ads), that doesn't and shouldn't give the press the right to attack and mock the children.  Remember Chelsea Clinton?  Observers - even on the Left - couldn't help but see how Bill made sure she was in public with him constantly during the impeachment scandal.  Many concluded it was to buttress his 'family man' images.  In any event, even then, the press admitted that Chelsea was off limits.  Just as they did when she went to college.

Why?  Because, according to the media then, the kids are always off limits.  Of course we watched that crumble with G.W. Bush's daughters, with Bristol Palin and Trig Palin, with Rick Santorum, and now with Ted Cruz's kids.  Is it a double standard?  Duh.  Nonetheless, when you are a non-liberal, you can't give the press even the slightest excuse.  So in the future, if you don't want your daughters dragged through the mud, try leaving them home.  

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