Thursday, December 31, 2015

My thoughts on Pope Francis

Are summed up here.  Looking back, I realized I pretty much wrote a post rather than a reply.  Which is my wont.  I hate bumper sticker answers.  Anyway, Mr. Pardue makes some good points, and on the whole I'm not disagreeing.  He also does something very important: he engages in a discussion.  One of the more distasteful side of any fan base, including Pope Francis's, has been to meet any criticisms or questions with name calling and insults.  Instead, the discussion brings out that I do, in fact, like Pope Francis and agree with some things he says.  But he is a product of his culture and age, and I simply can't bring myself to say anything other than I believe he certainly leans to the left and, as is common in certain traditions in Latin American Christianity, has sympathies for, and interprets various issues through, more progressive, liberal narratives.   What that means for the Church or the future of the Faith, like all things, remains to be seen.

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