Wednesday, December 2, 2015

But is it true?

I know, the media and the internet are all abuzz over Ted Cruz's statement that the majority of crimes in the US are committed by Democrats.  I know.  It sounds silly.  Perhaps stupid.  But I'd like to know if it is true.  I mean, not that it really matters.  But it would be nice to know.  After all, the basic media narrative, repeated many times in the days following the Tuscon shooting of years back, was that Conservatives are, on the whole, more violent.  More violent than who they never said.  But more violent' nonetheless.

Now I noticed there was never any evidence supplied with those frequent assertions.  It was just said and repeated across the networks, CNN, and other MSM outlets as a matter of fact.  Which does, of course, keep with the liberal narrative (that is, there are evil, stupid, hate-mongering bigots, and then there are the beautiful people who aren't conservative).  Yet it is never really 'shown.'  In an industry like the news media that is supposed to just show us the facts, this ongoing narrative that has been repeated before just seems to be true, and that's all we need to know.  It goes without saying that the fact that so many said that conservatives are more violent never became a story in itself.

So unless there are a lot of conservatives who are Democrats, it would be neat to see if what Cruz said is actually, you know, true.  Right now the story is that he said it.  A favorite media trick.  Avoid the substance of an issue by making the story about the fact that something that challenges the media's own assumptions was even said in the first place.  So far the biggest challenge to Cruz's statement has been that the felons who registered as Democrats in prison did so after conviction.  So that doesn't mean they were Democrats before the crimes were committed.  But it doesn't mean they weren't either, if you think about it.

So right now, maybe the media could drop everything and do a Watergate on this one, throwing half the resources behind this worthy investigation that it did in trying to dig up dirt on Sarah Palin in 2008 or covering Ferguson.  Heck, who knows what could be discovered then!  Or we could just accept the fact that we don't know, so Cruz must be wrong.  I'm sure that will be fine for some.  Perhaps even many.

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