Thursday, December 31, 2015

To hold to traditional conservative values

You must be perfect.  Nothing less.  So Bristol Palin, who has suffered under the media's parallel rule of always attacking the children of politicians, gave birth.  Out of wedlock.  Again.  She has gone on the road and preached abstinence education.  And she has given birth.  Out of wedlock.  So naturally, opponents of the only safe approach to sexuality pounce.  This is because hypocrisy has been effectively defined as failing to live up to your own standards.  As sinning, in so many words. 

Of course if you avoid moral standards, and have a 'who cares' view of things, especially of personal behavior, you're off the hook.  You're free to do and say anything, since you don't really have standards.  Of course how many who use Birth Control end up pregnant is hard to tell.  If someone has an unexpected pregnancy, and has used condoms and pills, don't expect the headlines to read 'proponent of 'safe sex' has unexpected pregnancy'.  In fact, there will be no attempt to link the two at all.

Nope, Christians need to be wary of accepting this definition of hypocrisy, or the idea that if you defend traditional Christian values, nothing less than 100% Godlike perfection is demanded.  No it isn't.  I sin.  I fail.  I often don't live up to my standards.  I get angry.  Every now and then I can even call someone Raca or Fool.  That doesn't mean I therefore can't say the Holocaust was a bad thing.  And few liberals would disagree.  Same with this or anything.  So when we see the inevitable mocking and accusing of Bristol, and by extension the whole idea of abstinence education, just remember it's all bunk.  Just a way to avoid the substance of the debate and, from a Christian viewpoint, defend the indefensible and attack the only acceptable alternative. 

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  1. A book I read, "Do as I say, not as I do." concluded with one of my favorite points:

    Conservatives who abandon their principles and engage in hypocrisy usually end up harming themselves and their families. But as we have seen, liberals who do the same usually benefit.

    Anyway, maximum stupidity:


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