Tuesday, August 25, 2020

I hate it when life validates my boys' cynicism

So CNN is reporting on 'nationwide protests' in wake of Jacob Blake.  Note well, we have no clue what happened but by edited videos and eye witnesses who all seem to have the same appraisal of guilt and innocence.  No trial.  No investigation.  And already entire professions, ethnic groups, and nations are being condemned.  Goebels, patron saint of mass communications, would approve.

So as I blogged, we were doing a cookout and the boys were camping out.  While roasting our goodies, we discussed many things as we are wont to do.  My wife and I made it a priority to have sit down, home cooked meals as much of our life as we could.  So the boys are used to robust debates and discussions when food is in the area. 

We came to the topic of Covid, quarantine and BLM.  We were all laughing at the death of scientific objectivity in the wake of so many scientists, experts, and medical pros insisting that the Covid virus knows well to avoid BLM protesters.  We mentioned that in our little neck of the woods, C19 had barely phased us, even during the height of the initial outbreak. 

Then came BLM, and for a week we had hundreds, if not more, coming from out of town to gather locals together for multiple protests.  In about a month, we suddenly had hundreds of cases and multiple deaths.  That lasted for several weeks until, like the rest of the state and country, the cases and deaths began to decline, and continued to decline.  Good news. And pretty much that should solidify the idea that large gatherings outdoors can increase the spread of C19, including gatherings for BLM protests. 

Anyway, during the talk one of my boys quipped that since C19 is going down, businesses are opening, and the economy seems to be getting better, it's about time for another black man to be shot by police.  I glared at him, for no other reason than we live in America in the 21st Century, and a single slip of the lip is all it takes for a life and livelihood to be forever ruined.  Also I try to discourage that level of cynical pessimism that assumes the worst in the style of broad conspiracy theory motifs. 

Then, lo and behold, what happens?  Well, need I say more.  It chills to the bone to think this could be true.  Not that it's part of some conspiracy where the parties involved are paid to shoot and get shot.  But somehow things are in motion for these things to happen, and to be exploited on cue for reasons to do with divisions and unrest and power, whatever the cost in lives and human suffering.  

My old college professors always said America was the country to fabricate things and whip its people into frenzies for the sake of the wealthy and the powerful.  I'm starting to think they were onto something. 

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