Monday, August 10, 2020

Whenever Joe Biden talks about black Americans

 I think of nothing so much as this:

One of the Left's most brilliant coups has been to convince Americans that it's not if you work to help black Americans, or whether you love black Americans, or whatever you even think about black Americans, but it's if you vote Democrat or not that determines your racism. Sadly, many Christians and even Christian leaders appear to agree. 


  1. Wait... Colonel Potter was on Mash before he took over from Blake? I totally missed that episode. (and am now a bit confused)

    Also don't forget the singing bit from blazing saddles.

    1. Yep. His appearance is what sold him for the producers once Mclean Stevenson left. And I thought about the Blazing Saddles scene, but this one seemed to capture Biden's subtly racist attitude toward the black community a little better. I think that's why this one comes to my mind each time I think of what Biden has said over the years

  2. Replies
    1. I wonder how many are starting to see the light. In fairness, I think not a few conservatives have had a wake up call with the Republicans, given how many have used Trump to jump ship or cozy up to the Democrats. It's almost as if you can't always trust political parties.


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