Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The Feast of King St. Louis IX

Usually this is one of those feast days that sort of cruises under the Griffey radar.  Not because there is anything wrong with King Louis IX.  It's just I tend to gravitate more toward those Francis like saints that I can envy and even possibly relate to more than a king or great ruler.  

Nonetheless, we saw the racist and Europhobic assault on Louis IX during the Black Marxists Matter riots, and subsequent Antifa Leninists, I thought it was worth remembering.  

Not that he was singled out for being anything other than Christian, Caucasian, European and named for something in America.  For the radicals of the Left - would someone please come up with an appropriate label for this movement that incarnates so much evil from the last centuries!!!??? - that was good enough. 

So here is a nice little unpacking of the man, the feast, and some readings.  

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