Thursday, August 20, 2020

Thom Brennaman gets sent to the glue factory

 Apparently Brennaman, Cincinnati Reds announcer, was caught on an open microphone making a "homophobic' slur. 

Mr. Brennaman has groveled and paid obeisance to the Soviet God of the Leftist State, but right now,  he's out.  He says his word doesn't reflect him.  My guess is, it does.  Like so many high profile people whose wealth and success depends on being in line with the powers that be, he could never say what he really thinks.  This is modern America after all. 

Nothing new in the 21st Century.  No country is ever free in the sense of 'no rules, just right' or 'if it feels good, it is good.'   Liberalism promised this.  Perhaps we were stupid enough to believe it.  But the Left is now making it clear that when it comes to freedom, it never mans able to do and say anything you want.  In fact, as you watch the Left morph, you begin to wonder if freedom is even a thing anymore. 

Remember, in a totalitarian state, no amount of  past fealty to the State will do.  The minute you digress from obedience, the second you cease to be useful, then it's into the truck, and off to the glue factory you go. 


  1. David, this is one of those times I am glad I am not famous, a celebrity or any other media attention getting individual but just a retired, blue collar worker. Right now it is mostly the leftist, PC crowd that gets all bent out of shape about things said or did that they disapprove of and because of that they make it miserable for the offender even to the point of doxing, getting the offender terminated from their job etc. The government has yet to enter that role to that extent. So for me? I will say what I want in a Christian manner and if it offends anyone oh well, can't help how another reacts to the truth. Oh and by the way...offended? What does that mean any way? If you are offended by something someone has said what is it actually doing to you? Physically? Mentally? What do you mean by offended? People need to lose their job because of what they say? You say you are offended when someone says there is no such thing as same sex marriage, that marriage only exists between a man and woman. You're offended? Really? How is that offense any different than I being offended by some ignorant telling me that people of the same sex can be given in a same sex 'marriage?

    I get offended, but then I brush it off and move on. What is it about you being offended that makes it so different? Nothing except that you cannot except the truth and yes, there is absolute truth and that what your professors taught you about subjective truth is a lie. Grow up children. We have the right to free speech even if you don't like what is said. You have every right to speak your mind and I have every right not to listen to it. Get over it.

    1. That's all true. But I don't think this is an accident, or just some strange development. For whatever reason it's gotten to this point, there is a method to the madness. It is always aimed in one direction, and one set of people, on one side of various issues. Or at least, those are the only ones with clout. So as much as it's right to tell them to buck up and accept differences, that only works if they aren't aware of what they're doing or what they've become.

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