Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Prayers for the victims of the Beirut explosion

By now, you've probably heard of the horrific explosion in Beirut.  It seems as though already a hundred victims have died, and hundreds more have been injured.  Some of those injuries are probably life threatening.  

The cause of the explosion is up for grabs, but it doesn't matter now.  This is when the humanity side of us kicks in and we offer prayers and thoughts and anything we could do on this level, simply that God will reach down and comfort those who are mourning, and embrace those who have lost everything this day. 

It's also a reminder of just how fragile we are.  No matter what the cause, nobody there imagined this would be their last day.  Nobody left home today imagining this.  Are days are like the grass after all.  We are dust.  We are here on borrowed time, and it's only God who knows when we will take our last breath.  

So God grant that peace that surpasses all understanding to those lost, those suffering, and those who will live with the grief and horror of what has passed.  And help us all not to squander a moment of the life you have given. 

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