Friday, August 28, 2020

RIP Chadwick Boseman

So sad.  Chadwick Boseman, who rose to fame in the movie Black Panther, has died.  He was only 43 years old.  Apparently it was cancer, that disease that unites all of humanity in our hatred of it.  

From all I've seen and heard from my boys, who are into the whole Marvel thing, he was a decent sort.  He didn't seem to get into the whole Hollywood Leftist propaganda thing, but used his earnings for endeavors like helping people and helping those from Africa in dire need of the basics. 

The movie itself shed light on the mindset of Americans today, especially the Black Community.  I called it the anti-Passion.  For with The Passion of the Christ, there was an all out assault on Gibson, his movie and even calls to ban and censor the film.  For the first time, Christianity was called evil, its symbols symbols of evil, and there was actually talk - for the first time I remember - of people wanting traditional understandings of the Christian Faith to be marginalized if not eradicated. 

The result was that Christians of all stripes, including Evangelicals and Fundamentalists, flocked to see this very Catholic take on the Passion narratives.  Seeing the Faith under such a flagrant assault for the first time (something we seem to have forgotten), for a season at least, inspired believers to fill the theaters and support the movie, no matter what the quality happened to be. 

The movie Black Panther, boasting of an alternate reality in which Africans are actually superior in every way, yet too beneficent to use their knowledge and powers to subdue the world, struck a nerve with black Americans.  The theaters were filled to the brim and the numbers were off the charts.  In some ways, it was for the same reason reversed. In this case, it was used to elevate black and African heritage, even in a mythical way, and woe betide anyone who didn't join with the praise.

But in it all, Mr. Boseman seemed to be a gracious sort.  There was no controversy around him from what I know.  He came off as sincere and a good fellow overall.  And even so, whatever, it's sad to see a life cut short by such an annoyingly awful disease. 

My God grant peace and strength to his loved ones and friends and all who knew him.  My the Lord accept him into His loving arms.  And may perpetual light shine upon him.  

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