Saturday, August 15, 2020

When the Left became all about loving Corporate Interests

So the big story isn't that obviously anyone who doesn't vote the Biden/Harris ticket is both a racist and sexist.  Nor is it the stories of left wing outlets preemptively saying the only redemption for America as a sexist, racist genocidal Nazi state is to vote Biden/Harris.  It isn't even that Biden picked a woman who painted Biden as a racist during the primaries.  

The big story is that Corporate America and multi-zillion dollar tech mega-opolies are rejoicing with great joy that Harris is the pick, since she's a sure bet to glad-hand the billionaire interests that, well, apparently the New Left loves so well. 

Here the left of Lenin outlet Vox gushes over how Harris and Silicon Valley are a love story made in liberal heaven.  Of course Tech Companies have been in the front lines of turning America into that communist inspired socialist state the Left has dreamed about.  Using the 'fake news' template, they are free to shut down any and all speech and expression tied to anything not left of center.  And don't try to scream censorship.  Once again. the Left changes the rules per convenience.  When a record store owner didn't want to carry a Madonna album, that was censorship.  When billion dollar communications industries want to ban non-leftist speech, that's never censorship.  Remember, the left cheats. 

So now we know.  The Left loves those multi-billion dollar corporate interests, and rejoices that left wing politicians will be in power to ensure those multi-billion dollar corporate interests continue to do what they've done so well - and that's help push America into that Lenin paradise they've been desiring for so many years. 

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