Monday, August 31, 2020

J.K. Rowling continues to get schooled

On the foolish danger of aligning with the Marxist Left.  The Left is a jealous and unforgiving god.  It will demand you embrace X today, and then next year declare X evil and retroactively punish all who listened to it today.  It will settle for nothing less than 100% obedience to whatever it decides is true today.  If something you imagined is true, even if because the Left says it's true, is declared false tomorrow, you had best follow suit or face the Leftist machine. 

That is what Rowling, the left's darling fantasy author of the 21st Century, is learning the hard way.  For years, Rowling's Harry Potter series was lionized and celebrated by the Left in all its establishments: schools, publishing (naturally), the media, Hollywood.  She was the toast of the town, her books elevated to almost Gospel level, and the phenomenon and its marketing by way of a sympathetic news media was the stuff of advertisers' dreams. 

It didn't hurt that she was, herself, far to the left of center.  She knew how to market herself and avoid many pitfalls of other fantasy genre authors.  She figured out how to appeal to Christian fans, Wiccan fans, atheist fans, and even ostensibly conservative fans.  And she, quite alive and visible in the Internet age, managed to convince various groups that her books were for them, no matter how radically opposed those different groups were. 

Because we were entering a phase in which racism and bigotry became the only sins, the unforgivable, all defining sins, her heavy handed themes of inclusion and equality and anti-bigotry fit like a glove.  That she dabled her toes in various liberal darlings like gay sex, feminism, even transgender equality was just icing on the cake.  If she had to go back and insist characters were really gay, or that what appeared friendship was actually more, in our age of credulity, that was just fine.

And yet, because she dared to drop from 100% obedient to only 99.99% faithful to the Leftist gospel, she is now under the full wrath of the Left's inquisition.  She dared to say women have periods, or babies, and that a scientist shouldn't be fired for suggesting there is such a thing as boys and girls. That's been enough. 

She's now a pariah.  She has been hounded by former fans, demanding publishers pull her books.  She's been eviercated on social media.  And you can see the press is only so-so about defending her.  If the press was on her side, it would be running top of the hour stories about the unfair treatment she is receiving, and make a big stink about her views, others who hold her views, and how horrible this movement is that's trying to silence her.  As it is, you see very little of this being covered, and if covered at all, done so on the back page near the grocery sections. 

One way the Left keeps people on the reservation is this 100% lack of tolerance for the slightest divergence from progressive same think.  Oh, they'll insist they're completely open to all points of view.  But that's laughable.  They may not care if you prefer the color orange or if you think man buns are a gastly sight.  But when it comes to the primary dogmas, there is only one way to be, and that's entirely obedient and subservient.  The slightest digression will end with you being cast into the outer darkness with the rest of the irredeemable deplorables. 

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