Tuesday, August 18, 2020

On John Kasich at the DNC

I already wrote on this here, so won't repeat myself.  

I just post this due to the MSM's coverage this morning, suggesting once again that Kasich's 'shocking' turn is due to Trump.  No, it isn't.  It started back when he tried to copy Scott Walker and ended up getting spanked for his efforts.  Soon afterward we in the Buckeye State noticed he was beginning to sound, shall we say, a bit more 'left of center' as the months droned on.  So just a reminder as so many run about saying 'It's because of Trump that Kasich has taken this bold move!'  

Nope.  Like so many Never-Trumpers, it's almost impossible not to believe this is where he wanted to be all along.  Or at least where he wanted to be as the signs of the times made it clear where the national winds were blowing. 

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