Saturday, August 22, 2020

Why are we shocked that some at the DNC eliminated "Under God"?

So everyone is up in arms about the fact that some events at the DNC have had the Pledge of Allegiance a couple times in which the phrase "Under God" was removed.  One with LGBTQ groups, and one with Muslims who worship the same God Christians worship.  My response: And?

This has been that communist takeover long anticipated.  Not pure communism of course.  In fact, I haven't seen a clever term or phrase used to describe it.  Is there an increasing number of articles, editorials and opinion pieces singing the praise of communism?  Calling for Marxism, pure communism, and good old Communist States over America?  Oh yeah.  Last year alone I saw at least a dozen from major outlets doing all of that.  

And I'd wager there are more than that in lesser places.  And forget colleges and schools.  My boys' World History textbook sang much glory music for various Marxist and communist leaders, while giving little to American presidents or heroes (except of a minority or female sort).   And even when I was in college (mid to late 1980s), there were plenty of pro-Communist/USSR folks I ran into.  At least two professors I had openly preferred the USSR to the USA, and several students I knew agreed. 

It's not just communism, however.  The Left has all but sanctioned racism and racial bigotry by merely scratching out old racist documents against blacks and Jews and replacing those ethnic labels with 'White'.  By that, they mean Caucasian, but they use 'White' as some pox upon the world in need of eradication.  Add to this Left's growing obsession with assisted suicide, euthanasia and selective abortion as ways to mass exterminate inconvenient and unwanted people, and it's not hard to see parallels with that brand of fascism associated with Germany in the 1930s and 1940s.  

Beyond that, it's clear that the Left hates the Christian Faith alone of all the religions in the world.  You don't have to read deeply into textbooks or other publications to see the disgust and loathing aimed exclusively at our Christian heritage.  The same goes for hatred of Europe and Western culture in general.  In itself, this 'Left' tends to be a godless movement, with only the vaguest and meaningless ideas of some 'god' if any.  But it tolerates most other religions for now, as long as they join in the destruction of the Christian West and its bastard child America.

Therefore, that they have removed what was put there to separate America from the godless communism of the Soviet Union should come as a shock to nobody.  Just like that old MSNBC commercial that eliminated references to our Creator from the quotes it played from the Declaration of Independence.  To hear that old commercial, we just have rights for some reason - not any God thing. 

This is antiChrist of the first order.  This is the stuff of hell and evil.  It's born of that 'Culture of Death' that Pope John Paul II understood was at the root of both the communists and the fascists and the nazis.  It is alive and seizing control of our nation even as we speak. And it is making it clear what the goal is, the end is, and what the nation they want will look like. 

Perhaps it's too late.  It wouldn't surprise me.  America was, like most things that rise high in this vale of tears, the exception to the rule.  Most of last century, and in many places in the world today, we see the rule. That is where we are going.  Too late to stop?  I can't say.  I just know we're going there and going there fast. 

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