Monday, August 24, 2020

Alrighty then

So I'm still thinking about this comment from Catholic apologist Mark Shea that was posted by Donald McClarey here:

I can't think of a more Protestant approach to Catholicism than wishing that part of Catholicism and those Catholics I don't like to be eradicated from Catholic life and done away with.  The essence of Protestantism is, after all, saying this or that part of the Historical Faith sucks and is wrong and evil and brought by all these reprehensible reprobates in the Babylonian Captivity, and it's high damn time we send it and them to the cornfield.  It's not Sola Scriptura that is the capstone of Protestantism, no matter what the theologians say.

And there is no better demonstration of this mindset that the Catholic apologist's comment above.  

Mark Shea might just approve this message


  1. Good grief.

    "You know, Mark, you're absolutely right! Traditionalists want to give voices to the DEAD. But they are DEAD. They have no business providing any sort of guidance to the living. Didn't Chesterton say something like that? No, what we need is a modern church, for modern people!"

    1. One of the ways you know Mark is wrong and defending the wrong side is how he relies so much on advocating and embodied attitudes and perspective he himself once strongly condemned. But then that goes for most things with the modern Left.

  2. Hello David.

    I recently discovered the treasure trove of Journey Home videos on YouTube and I cannot get enough! I thoroughly enjoyed your and Mark Shea's episode and decided to see if you two were active on any blogging websites. You can imagine how shocked I was to read Mark's latest posts on Patheos... I truly cannot wrap my head around his transformation and the various Left wing Catholic websites out there.

    While I haven't scoured your entire blog yet, I'm pleased to see that at least you have kept your sanity intact over the years. I've recently began looking into Catholicism and it's as if I've been transported back into 2016 getting red pilled all over again.haha

    I wish you and your family well and I look forward to future blog posts!

    1. Thanks for that! And prayers are always appreciated.
      As for Mark, there are many who speculate. It's enough that he's clearly gone down paths he once condemned, and that's perhaps enough. My biggest fear is that he is not a minority voice in the 21st Century Church.


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