Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The NFL continues to flip off its fans and America

Believing it knows the way the wind is blowing, the NFL's branch of  the new oligarchy has decided to continue flipping the bird to its base and the country in which it exists.  It can tell a dying giant when it sees one.  

The hilarious part is that it won't allow performances of the National Anthem due to Covid-19.  I have no clue what that means.  In college football, the National Anthem is typically performed by marching bands.  OK, close quarters I guess.  But in the NFL, it's typically a lone singer or performer.  How does a single performer singing in an almost empty football stadium spread Covid? 

Answer: it doesn't.  America's capitalist oligarchy has fulfilled the ancient prophecy that capitalism without Christ is no better than communism.  In fact, our beloved corporate world is becoming one of the biggest boons for America's communist inspired revolution.  And I don't just mean those rascally zillion dollar corporations either.  All around us, businesses big and small are pledging fealty to BLM, decrying our genocidal racist state and its repulsive Christian values, supporting the eradication of the Christian West, and anything not in line with the emerging Leftist State.  

I used to say you don't need to ban freedom of the press when the press willingly jumps on board with the power of the State.  Same here.  The Free Market and Capitalism cease having meaning when the benefactors of those very principles become the biggest threats to those same principles.  Who needs socialism, after all, if corporate America willingly declares itself the fourth branch of a totalitarian government? 

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