Saturday, August 29, 2020

The shooting of Jacob Blake: A different perspective

As we should realize, there are other points of view than those immediately embraced by the Left.   This one comes from the Kenosha Police Union.  According to them, the events shown in the brief video and the accounts given by Black's attorney don't tell the whole picture.

I'm sure they don't.  Nor am I saying we take the Union's version as Gospel truth.  I'm just and old fogey when it comes to things like presumption of innocence (on all sides), burden of proof (for all sides), due process (for everyone) and resisting that urge to declare guilt or innocence based on things like skin color or demographic label.  Again, that's me. 

Clearly we've moved to a new era in America.  Those institutions - like the media, education and entertainment - that used to declare such principles to be higher than the angels now appear quite ready to jettison the whole package.  Me?  In my efforts to not be an idiot, I think I'll prefer withholding judgement and execution until we've at least found some evidence beyond skin color and profession and other labels.  

It might be everything Blake's attorney and the video suggest.  It might be nothing close.  Let's pretend we don't know and wait for actual evidence.  


  1. Most times when someone asks me if I think a certain person is innocent or guilty of committing an alleged crime I usually say I have no idea because I'm not in the courtroom listening to the case. I don't rely on media for they've failed too many times in their reporting. I don't rely even on our clergy(Nick Sandman's bishop for one)to know what's going on anymore than we do. I try to wait for the jury's decision. How many times have you seen video of a 'crime' only to see another video of the same 'crime' that exonerates or convicts a person? When Simon of Cyrene came in from the fields and force to help Jesus carry his cross he probably saw the Lord as a common criminal if he didn't know about Him whereas in reality he was helping Christ save Simon's soul.

    1. It's amazing how subserversive it's become to say you'll wait for evidence and facts. In barely a generation, the ones who once screamed presumption of innocence are now saying guilty based on demographic label.

    2. Lol you're right! What good comes out of Nazareth?

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