Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Answering the great lie of pro-abortion actvists

Quick answer: Yes.  Not all of course. Bad apples and all.  But on the whole, we have and, in all likelihood, most have over the years when the opportunity presents itself. See Laura Klassen, who is all about helping expectant and new mothers, for just one example among many.  

That's not to say they don't argue about not doing things that encourage out of wedlock childbirth.  But most I know will have personally, or through various means, supported mothers, the poor, what have you.

One of the great lies of the pro-abortion movement is that men are only against abortion because they want to control women, and care neither for the mothers or the babies once they are born.  It's such a demonstrably false lie that I don't know where to begin.  Women who oppose abortion, like all unpeople who slip out of easy leftwing templates, don't exist for the purposes of this lie. 

Granted, some of this no doubt stems from the Left's insistence that even God can't solve a problem better than liberal political policies, so to oppose those policies is to hate black babies.  With that sort of piercing logic, one can assume any deviation from a select political agenda must equal letting babies starve.

But even stepping aside from that level of 'Jesus cares not for feeding the hungry, he cares about which policies of the Roman Empire you support', it's simply a lie meant to derail the bigger objections to the great age of gratuitous slaughter for debauchery in which we live. After all, we know full well why we have unrestricted abortions: so women can have anything they want, and jump on any Tom or Harry's you know what, and not be accountable for their choices.  After all, promising a consequence-free world has been an unwritten platform for secular liberalism for generations.  Sexed up men and women both approve this message. 

But try to point this out, and you're informed that it's only by embracing a leftwing political economy that will give women more money that we can stop abortions since abortions are only about lack of money.  Any attempt to say otherwise must mean you don't care about moms, or their babies, so we'll just say you don't matter in the debate.  If you give money or charity or help it doesn't count.  It only counts to embrace a socialist economy and allow women the choice to define human life as they see fit, or you obviously want them to starve. 

Thus are the arguments of pro-abortion activists, and New Prolife Catholics who are among their staunchest allies. To me, that alone speaks volumes. 

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