Saturday, October 16, 2021

We must invoke the glorious censorship for tolerance and diversity

So a Michigan University professor has been canned for showing 1965's Othello, starring Lawrence Olivier.  

The retaliation was swift and merciless, as befits the modern Leftist State in which we live.  Instead of rejoicing in the censorship of such offensive pieces of art or literature, he dared show the film in which Olivier uses makeup to portray an individual of non-Caucasian ethnicity.  Apparently the prof had never watched it before, possibly thinking since it stared the greatest actor of the 20th Century known for his celebrated work with Shakespeare, it was worth seeing.

Immediately following the showing, he groveled apologized for having shown such an outdated and offensive piece of art.  But his groveling fell on deaf ears, as those who fail to conform 100% to the Left 100% of the time often discover.  Our universities increasingly seem like leftwing tent revivals more than institutions of learning and education.  And that's almost an insult to tent revivals.  

Thus is the world in which we live.  It's not cancel culture.  It's not wokeness.  It's leftist fundamentalism with all the intolerance and self-righteous judgmentalism associated with the worst stereotypes of fundamentalism imaginable.  And in keeping with the stereotypes of fundamentalism, it can also include condemnation based on a host of intolerable factors, including ethnicity or religion. 

Thus, if you convince your society that all Jews are wretched and evil and the cause of the Fatherland's problems, it becomes nothing at all to declare anything done by Jews to be wretched and evil and all of your nation's problems a result of those rascally Jews.  Just scratch out Jew and replace with White and you've got modern Leftwing America in a nutshell.  If it's White, it's evil, and there is no tolerance for the existence of evil in the era of the new Leftist State. 

Anything done by Caucasians in any way considered racist or offensive is now subject to immediate censorship and eradication.  All such art, literature, music and film must be banned and eliminated.  Anyone caught even thinking of showing such unacceptable fare will immediately be punished to the fullest extent of possible retaliation. 

Again, we are not longer a free country.  We haven't been for some time, at least free as defined by post-war liberalism.  That ship has sailed.  We are now a secular pagan society able to change standards on a dime and retroactively eradicate dissenting thought accordingly.   And woe be to those deemed the unacceptable in the  last swivel by the powers that be.  I hope we enjoy the ride.  


  1. No, no, Dave, you missed the best part.

    The professor in question is Chinese-born and immigrated to America.

    So you know... immigrant rights, eh?

    1. He's only Asian. Like Hispanics, he's an oppressed minority when convenient, otherwise to the boxcars on demand.

    2. I agree with most of what you say, but I'm worried that some of your replies in the comment section are starting to sound a bit Mark Sheaish.

    3. Hmmm. I don't want that. I'll watch myself.

    4. Yeah... maybe use "tossed under the bus" since it's a common idiom. Or even "vacation to the gulag" (since communism is still too popular).

      Also time to revisit the South park death camp of tolerance episode. (which aired in 2002, it's almost TWENTY YEARS OLD!)

  2. The man has tenure, and an endowed chair. They're going to have to put some effort into firing him. What's happened thus far is that he's been replaced teaching that particular class. He never should have apologised at all and should have derided the complainers. The dean of music is, of course, a man of no character. Remember his name. It is David Gier.

    1. He absolutely shouldn't have apologized. Apologizing gets you nowhere and it feeds the fire and encourages further censorship and thought control.


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