Thursday, October 28, 2021

Fauci's dealings and the art of deflection

Deflection is a favorite tactic for our ministry of lies sometimes known as the news media.  It's about to happen with Dr. Fauci.  

Remember former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo?  If we but journey back to those ancient days of 2020, we were repeatedly told that then President Donald Trump had killed 500K with Covid.  This was said every day while free voting ballots were mailed out to every citizen in the country.  Just slap on a stamp (and news stations will have experts on hand for Millennials who are stressed about the stamp thing - really, I saw a story), and vote for one of the two fellows, one of which has killed 500K with Covid.

But then a nasty story broke that a monstrous number of seniors in New York had died in nursing homes because of botched policies within the state.  That's seniors dying of Covid because of botched policies under a democratic governorship.  

True, the most perfect election in history was over and despite attempts to overthrow it by the worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11, Biden was now president.  Nonetheless, this was still a bad look.  Worse for the "press", it muddies the waters.  People will start asking questions and looking at details, and we can't have that.

We must realize that today the propaganda organs rely on a simplistic bumper sticker depth level of reporting.  Group A is good, Group B is evil.  Solution A will save the planet, opponents of solution A hate black people.  Person A is our only hope.  People opposing person A want babies to die.  Simple stuff.

But when something happens that challenges those easy and slick templates, things can get ugly. For the propagandists, it means having to answer questions and unpack information to buttress challenges to the prevailing narrative.  Worst than all things, it might lead people to conclude the narrative was wrong or was known to be false to begin with.  And we sure can't have that.

So among the many tricks up the journalistic sleeve is 'the deflect.'  In Cuomo's case, almost immediately after the ugly revelation of nursing home deaths, he was blindsided by explosive accusations of sexual assault.  That became the story.  The only story.  The final story.  Which was the point.

Now Dr. Fauci, the savior of America, is in trouble.  News has broken that Rand Paul may have been onto something about Fauci's connections to the Wuhan Lab.  Such a news story may or many not be true.  But the horrible result could be people asking questions, wanting more information, seeking answers beyond the 'Fauci as Savior' narrative.  And we can't have that. 

So it's now breaking that Fauci is in hot water because of experimentation on beagle puppies.  I mean, if he was somehow involved with torturing beagles, I'd say that's not good.  Heck, if he violated some rule or allowable practice in medical research, then seek justice. 

But this is not, repeat Not, I'll say it again NOT the big story.  The big story is the single man we've been told to listen to more than Jesus is now suspect.  He might be innocent.  Rand Paul may still prove to be wrong.  But now we have reason to look into something that, if true, could call into question the efficacy and infallibility of The Fauc, and potentially everything he has said.  

Again, that is what the propagandists hate more than if he was personally creating the Covid virus in a Wuhan lab for money.  If that were proven tomorrow, the Left would merely throw Fauci under the bus like Cuomo, nominate a transgender Muslim lesbian  in his place, and spend months celebrating another leap forward for the new diversity.  Story over.

But as long as it's a question, it begs for details, for more questions, for more information, and that more than anything is hated by the "press" and, by extension, the Left as a whole. If that's the case, then hopefully we can make it about torturing puppies.  Because thankfully torturing puppies is bad, is simple, and is an easy way to deflect unhappy attention away from the real story. 

All of this will be true if the main tactic, simply ignore the story, doesn't work and the media is unable to make it go away.  We'll have to see.  


  1. Exactly. Propagandists (and cult leaders) learn quickly that it's best to never have a debate, don't try meeting arguments head on - but make the very act of questioning itself verboten. Argue and challenge the person over why they are even bothering to question at all.

    1. Yeah. News is dead, propaganda is now everything. And propaganda does not have a long list of caveats and disclaimers open for discussion. Neither does the press, that clearly sees complexity and nuance in a story with all the affection a vampire sees garlic.

  2. Somewhat off topic but still tied to Fauci is why the incessant drive to get everyone vaccinated? I mean, it's not like the vax works right? You can still get the virus, you can still transmit it to others and then there are tons of questions about its long term effects on the immune system. Whole countries have stopped giving the vax to kids under a certain age or even under thirty yet we are still threatened, coerced and bullied into being vaxxed. I can only think of one reason and that is because they do not want a control group. The unvaxxed is the control group and the vaxxed the guinea pigs. If the vax is bad then they do not want to be able to compare the results with the unvaxxed. If ALL are vaxxed then how do we really know what the efficacy really is? This I found today:

    Eric Rubin of Harvard, on FDA advisory committee that voted for child vaccines, said “We’re never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it.” Rubin’s committee does not have official authority, and FDA has NOT yet approved

    — Patrick Howley (@HowleyReporter) October 27, 2021

    1. My sons' theory: because you can't mandate a treatment, no matter how effective it is. After all, a treatment only works if a person gets the sickness. You can mandate a vaccine, and at this point, it's clearly about the power to mandate the vaccine. Moving that line in the dirt, pushing the ball ten more yards. A little more freedom lost. A little more totalitarianism accepted.


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